The event will take place from November 18th to 19th, 2021 in Inhambane province


  1. The 2ª Edition of the conference intends to evaluate progress achieved in promoting and integrating the development of sea economies in the context of a sustainable Blue Economy, based on robust scientific and technological knowledge.
  2. The general objective defined will be based on approaches that allow: A. Continuous reflection on the regional stage of sustainable use of the oceans;
  3. Sharing country’s main advances in ocean governance, including on the commitments made at the

1ªEdition of Growing Blue Conference;

  1. Consolidate the involvement and cooperation between the various stakeholders in the use of the oceans;
  2. Dissemination of investment and resource mobilization mechanisms for the development of the Blue Economy in Mozambique;
  3. Promote investment possibilities in the areas of the blue economy by leveraging and facilitating publicprivate partnerships.


  1. The expected results are aligned with the objectives identified above with a view to defining subsequent post-conference steps, which are translated into the following:



Shared experiences and progress on models and approaches for implementing Blue Economy initiatives to maximize the potential of the Oceans, particularly Maritime Spatial Planning.


 Commitments made with the various stakeholders and Cooperation Partners, for the development of scientific and technological research capacity that meets national and regional needs for blue growth.


 Elements identified for the improvement of a common development vision around the shared resource that is the Indian Ocean, and how to make actions converge to fulfill the commitments assumed in the scope of the implementation of the SDG14.


 Cooperation strengthened in order to anchor the implementation of the Blue Economy in a strong regional and international collaboration through structured approaches, integrated models and operationalization mechanisms (institutional and financial).


 Mapping the challenges and opportunities for the intervention of different actors in the current context, resulting from the public health situation, that can enrich on going actions of developing a Blue Economy Action Plan for reference by implementers, investors and international cooperation partners.